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Most Wanted Medical Courses With Employment Opportunities

Having scaled through the hurdles of WAEC/NECO/JAMB and aspiring to study a Medical-related course. I had embarked on a self-study to review some courses in the medical field that have higher employment opportunity in Nigeria and here are my findings.
1. MBBS: without a shadow of doubt.. The best medical course for years now and will continue being.. 6years of professional training in tertiary institution.. A average graduate of MBBS goes home with 150k monthly

2. DENTISTRY AND DENTAL SURGERY: The twin bro of mbbs. They take the same courses attend the same classes.. Average salary 150k monthly

3. PHARMACY: Another medical course that deals mainly with drug.. Stands alone as a faculty on its own in most schools.. The workload in this course is just to much.. Especially in year two.. Average salary 98k
4. RADIOGRAPHY: Medical imaging science.. A medical photographer lols.. Well this medical photographer deals with radiations,x-rays. Using machines like the CTR and MRI. It is the eyes of modern medicine. With so many job opportunities.. Average salary 100k
5.BMLS: Medical lab scientist, deals mainly with testing of samples. Like blood,urine.. Average salary 80k
6. PHYSIOTHERAPHY: medical rehab. Very important persons in the life of athletes.. Deal mostly with bones average salary 80k
7. NURSING: these ones change jobs like cloth. A course that suits women. Very clean set of human beings. But arrogant a times to patient.. Average salary 80k.
Written by: Charms. (a prospective medical student).

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