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How To Obtain Student Loan In Nigeria Trough Skye Bank

How to Obtain Student Loan in Nigeria through Skye Bank: Some time ago, the concept of student loans was more rampant than it is today, the Federal Government of Nigeria was more actively involved in giving funds for student loans than it is these days and we are hoping their past efforts will be revived. Nevertheless, Skye Bank gives education and student loans to help students fund their education.

Skye Bank Edu-Care Account for Students

Skye Bank Plc has developed the Skye Edu-Care Account. This unique educational product is designed to save and in addition provide loans for the payment of school fees for top secondary schools, undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad and in private universities at home.
The product allows parents who want their children to study abroad to save towards the school fees within a period of one to three years depending on the current class of the child in secondary school.

A statement from the bank said the product is a new initiative in response to the emerging demand for quality education abroad and in private universities in Nigeria. The statement added that parents who want their children and wards to enjoy the facility are expected to save at least 50 per cent of the school fees to qualify for the loan package.
Such parents can also save over a longer period provided the 50 per cent required as the minimum contribution has been achieved at the time of application for the loan. For post graduate studies, a minimum deposit of 50 per cent must be available in the account.
Repayment of the student loan is expected to be completed within the agreed time frame for participating parents to enjoy the facility for subsequent sessions. The ability of Skye Bank Plc to develop an educational product to meet the needs of students that desire to study abroad and those in top secondary schools and private universities at home once again demonstrates the capacity of the bank to initiate new products to meet the changing needs of consumers.
All still leading to the fact that business demands satisfying someone’s need. Skye bank has launched a new educational based account to increase the effectiveness of the bank to their customers.

What is Skye Edu-Care Account?

Skye Edu-Care account is an educational based account for student loans introduced by Skye bank to their customers to cater for the ups and downs process of paying tuition fees (School fees), Credit facilities for educational Est.

How Can I Open A Skye Edu-Care Account?

It is very easy to open Skye EduCare account. Just go to any Skye bank next to you and ask any of the bank officials on how to open the account. It is very certain that you will be given a positive response and you we also be guided on how to open the account.

How Much Will it Cost Me to Open the Skye Edu-Care Account?

It will cost you a minimum of 50,000 Naira only to open a Skye Edu-Care account.

What Are the Benefits of Opening A Skye Edu-Care Account?

Although, there is a lot of benefits and advantages attached to this account. But, some of the benefits are highlighted as follows:
  1. You will have access to Educational credit facilities up to 70% of total fee
  2. The repayment plan is covenant for the users.
  3. The account is available for both local and international studies.
  4. You will have easy access to affiliated institutions that recruit students for university admission.
  5. You can save in both local and foreign currency.
  6. You can pay school fees to some selected secondary schools

How do I know if am eligible to open Skye Edu-care account?

It is not limited to particular educational level. So, it is useful to those in need of admission to universities, post graduates and graduates that wish to further their education locally or at international level.

Do you need more information on Skye Edu-Care account.

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