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How Many Questions Are In JAMB CBT Set?

If you have been asking for things like how many questions are in jamb CBT, how many questions will JAMB give us, how many questions will come from Use of English, Economics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Government, Literature, Geography, Physics, Novel, CRK/IRK, etc? We have a good help for you! JAMB changed the rules (the way exam is written) but the game (exam itself) remain unchanged.

You are expected to answer 250 questions on the whole. We will attempt to detail how the questions are chosen from the list of subjects you applied for.
Recall that when JAMB was done on papers with pencil, they usually give two hundred and fifty (250) questions to candidates in the UTME. This was also same when it used to be UME and MPCE (Poly JAMB). They have not changed this trend, they only switched from manual exams to 

So how many questions are in jamb CBT Set?

Total number of questions to be given to each candidates is: 250.
Out of the 250, 100 questions will come from Use of English while the rest of the 150 will be sourced (50 each) from the rest of the 3 subjects that you registered for. Nothing more, nothing less! If you want to also know how long you will spend in front of the Computer during an exam set, click here.

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