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OAU Management Shuts Down SUG Activities (PICTURE)

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University has shut down the activities of the Student Union Government. This was made clear in the Memo below:
OAU Management Shuts Down SUG Activities (PICTURE)
OAU Management Shuts Down SUG Activities (PICTURE)
This is most likely due to the recent protests in the university which led to its being shut down.

A students’ union, student government, free student union, student senate, students’ association, guild of students
orgovernment of student body is a student organization present in many colleges, universities, and high schools. In higher education, the students’ union is often accorded its own building on the campus, dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation and academic support of the membership.
OAU Management Shuts Down SUG Activities (PICTURE)
In the United States, student union many times only refers to a physical building owned by the university with the purpose to provide services for students without a governing body also referred to as a student activity center. Outside the United States, student unionand students’ union refer to a representative body.
Depending on the country: the purpose, assembly, method and implementation of the group might vary. Universally the purpose of students’ union or student government is to represent fellow students in some fashion.
OAU Management Shuts Down SUG Activities (PICTURE)
In some cases students’ unions are run by students, independent of the educational facility. The purpose of these organizations is to represent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues. Students’ unions are also responsible for providing a variety of services to students. Depending on the organization’s makeup students can get involved in the union by becoming active in a committee, by attending councils and general meetings, or by becoming an elected officer.
Some students’ unions are politicized bodies, and often serve as a training ground for aspiring politicians. The combination of the youthful enthusiasm of the various members, a general lack of serious consequences for decisions, and a student media that is itself often partisan, inexperienced, and under no financial pressure to slant coverage to please a broad readership encourages very vigorous campaigning, debate, and political gamesmanship  Students’ unions generally have similar aims irrespective of the extent of politicization, usually focusing on providing students with facilities, support, and services.
Some students’ unions often officially recognize and allocate an annual budget to other organizations on campus. In some institutions, postgraduate students are within the general students’ unions, whereas in others they have their own Postgraduate Representative Body. In some cases, graduate students lack formal representation in student government.

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