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Four students rape 16-yr old girl to coma in Ebonyi Like? Share

A sixteen year old girl from Okpoitumo Community in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Gladys (surname withheld) is battling for survival after she was gang-raped by four secondary school students, who invaded her house at about 10 p.m.
The students whose name were given as Jeremiah Odah, Dick Alo, Ofobuike Alo and Obumnaeme, had broken into the girl’s house and immediately demanded sex, which she refused to oblige them leading her being beaten by the students of Galaxy Foundation Secondary School, Ndiofoke Amagu, Ikwo, in Ikwo local Government Area.

After rapping her to coma, the students carried her out of her house and dropped her in a bush where she was found after two days by a search party of members of the community.
She was immediately rushed to the Rural Improvement Mission Hospital (RIMH), Ndegu Echara Community for medical attention.
A medical report was to the effect that Gladys sustained serious internal injuries –including private parts during the incident.

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