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Boyfriend In Trouble Over Yabatech Student’s Death

The families of Funke Balogun, a National Diploma II student of Yaba College of Technology(YABATECH ), have alleged that their daughter was killed while she stepped out of the house with her boyfriend, Adetunji on Sunday, December 27.
Funke, reportedly left the house with her 24 year old boyfriend Adetunji , who picked her up at her house at about 11pm on Saturday, at first with the intention of going to the beach but a call eventually came from the deceased notifying her family of their changed plans to visit a hotel, located at 30, Balogun Street Oshodi, Lagos; before her death.

However, Adetunji and his family have refuted the claim stating that the deceased was electrocuted. According to The Nation, the family of the deceased became worried when they did not hear from her after the call. Her younger sister, Funmi narrated that, “Abolade was in a hurry that night and I told my sister not to go but she picked some of her things and left with him. On Sunday morning around 7, she called and said plans had changed that they were not going to the beach again but to a hotel and since then, we have been trying her mobile line. “When she didn’t pick her call, I became worried. That day was her birthday and our mother still called her in the midnight to pray for her. Even, when my mum called Abolade’s mobile line, someone picked and said he forgot his phone and since then his lime has been switched off.” Funke rushed to the hotel but was told that Adetunji had just stepped out, but without any girl. She then rushed to Adetunji’s house where his family she was told that he had gone to the beach.
She further told the Nation that, ” Around 8pm on Sunday, my cousin and I went to the hotel again, I sighted blood on the wall and when I asked Abolade’s brother, Bayo where my sister was, he said: ‘at the moment, Funke is dead’. “He said it without remorse and was still icing drinks in the freezer. Even when we went to the police station, they said they were not aware of the incident. Is that how my sister will die? She has been dating him for almost a year. He just returned from NYSC orientation camp in Anambra State. The boy is very proud to the extent that whenever he visited her, he didn’t greet anyone.”
Meanwhile, Adetuji narrates his own side to the story, while speaking to the Nation, he alleged that Funke was electrocuted while he went to get toothpaste from his brother who was on the same floor because there was no toothpaste in the room they had lodged. “She was already in the bathroom and I went to meet my brother who was on the same floor with us to get the toothpaste. As I returned to the room, I tried to open the toilet door but it was stiff. As I gained access to the toilet, I met her on the floor with a shower handle on her right hand. When I tried to carry her, I didn’t know what happened until I saw myself on hospital bed,” he said.
Mr. Jamiu Adetunji, father of the deceased’s boyfriend, said his elder son called their mother that they needed a doctor. “Immediately we took them to Geo Medical Centre where Funke eventually gave up. We first took her to General Hospital, Ikeja but she was rejected because there was none of her family members with us. It was later we reported the incident to Akinpelu Police Station where they took the body to Yaba mortuary. “I wouldn’t want to kill someone else’s daughter. Funke was my son’s girl friend and I told her to help me monitor his movement because at times he wouldn’t listen and since he talked about her dearly, I felt she was going to inspire him. It is really unfortunate. My son has put me in trouble. “Even when they wanted to know the girl’s full name, I pinched my son few times just for him to wake up. I have arrested the electrician that connected light to the building because last Friday, occupants of the building beside the hotel complained of shock in their house and I told the electrician but he refused to come. It was after the incident he came and was arrested,” Mr Adetunji narrated. The deceased’s mother has lamented the loss of her daughter, while stating that they had warned her over Adetunji to no avail.

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