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Are Your Children Studying Really Well?

Most of the students seem to be overconfident due to the availability of employment opportunities. The economic reforms process initiated in most of the countries of the world are responsible for enhanced employment avenues. Though there is a considerable decrease in the government jobs, there has been an increase in the private sector jobs. For instance, at present, there are new private players in all the three sectors of the economy. Hence, there is an increase in demand for human resources too.

According to a survey, many students do not have command over the English language even after completion of their graduation!. Some students seem to be negligent and do not pay attention to the teachers in the class rooms.
The developments in information technology are not being utilised effectively by the ignorant and innocent children!.
Parents of children are either illiterate or busy with economic work. in some cases, there is a slight negligence by the parents. Thus, the children seem to be enjoying the freedom as they are unaware of career development and their contribution to the economic development.
Some students are attracted to the tutorial centres. They are thus do not concentrate in the class rooms. There are a few students who do not even know the names of their teachers, parents occupation, etc. They are also ignorant of their future!.
Many students do watch useless stuff on television channels, instead of utilising the growing number of channels for their own development!.
The students do carry so many books to the educational institutions and there are also so many periods or classes. But it seems they are not acquiring adequate knowledge!.
During the examinations, many students do involve in malpractices. In other words, they try to show a false result to their parents. Mugging up, copying, asking other students, enquiring the examination supervisors, taking slips, etc are some of the methods being practiced by innocent children.
Playing e-games by using the cell phones, watching live sports shows, movies, chatting with their friends, etc are some of the latest issues in the class rooms.
The students must understand that all the subjects are equally important and play a dominant role in their future life. For instance, the knowledge of economics does play a role in the life of a civil engineer too!
They need guidance from the teachers and the parents. The parents must allocate some time to assess their children at home. The teachers alone cannot transform the disturbed minds of ignorant children.
If the students are neglected, and do not receive counselling at an appropriate time, their future might be in doldrums!.

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