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Google Releases App For University Students (PICTURES)

Google has launched a new app called Who’s Down and it seems to be a social network aimed at university students and teenagers.
  Although there are no restrictions or instructions on who can use the app or what kind of people it is meant for, you will need to include your name and the name of your institution to sign up.
Once signing up is out of the way, you can log into the app to see who’s “down” to hang out. Kind of like a Tinder on steroids but without the dating aspect.
Google's new Who's Down app
To show your own availability to hang out as well, you need to slide a toggle to the right and that will immediately let your peers on the app know that you are down for whatever it is you want to be down for.
You can also invite people to special kinds of hang outs based on Google’s recommendations or by creating custom events of your choosing. Once what is to be down for has been selected, you can start a chat and make plans with your friends.
The app currently works on an invite-only basis ad is available for both iOS and Android.

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