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SoftwareInsider recently assessed hundreds of project management solutions by feature diversity and their ability to handle various PM use cases. Our analysts identified key features across the market and broke them out into four main scoring categories: traditional project management, agile
project management, issue tracking, and task management.
Here are the top products:
The Traditional PM rating represents features that help manage the critical path methodology of project management. Here’s where you find your gantt charts and cross-project dependencies.
Agile PM shows how well a product can handle agile methodologies such as scrum. Within this category we looked at burndown charts, cycle time analytics, and card view capabilities to name a few.
Issue tracking refers to both tracking bugs in a product development sense, as well as customer issues and complaints.
The Task Management score illustrates project management at a smaller, more granular scale. These features make the biggest impact on your users’ day-to-day efficiency.
These products have proven to be extremely robust and able to tackle various facets of project management and your business. Furthermore, all of these products have cloud-based deployment options, which add connectivity to flexibility without the IT maintenance hassle.
But don’t just take our word for it—here’s what a few of their users had to say:
“…[Sciforma] serves as your portal to all project info with document workflows, issue tracking, and time-management…”
“I love this [Psoda]. Everything I need is there and if you take a little time to learn the system, you can extend it to meet any specific needs that you have.”
“Our company has been using Genius Project for a couple years now, and we are really satisfied with all the capabilities and the features the software offers. If you are looking for a complete PPM software, don’t look further.”

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