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How To Convince Employers to Forget About your CGPA

We all know how important our CGPA could be when it comes to securing a Job most especially in Nigeria. The Competition involved, challenges and so many other could be something no one would love to experience but what happen when things go in wrong direction even when you never budgeted for it? Yea, it might seem to be the end but hell no, you can still convince them that you worth more than they think. So How do you do this?
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1. Always look for the positive.

Don’t focus so much on the fact that your GPA is low. If there were specific courses that you took
a particular interest in and excelled in, discuss what you took away from those courses and how you feel they have helped to prepare you for the position that you are interviewing for.
If you struggled in your coursework due to a learning disability or merely because it was an especially challenging subject, talk about some tactics you used to deal with the challenges (i.e. seeking extra help from your professors or tutoring). This will show employers that you have weaknesses but that you are proactive in dealing with them to accomplish an overall goal. And if the reason that your GPA is low is because you hadn’t quite found a balance between work and play, say so. But be sure to follow up with what you learned from that experience and how you have learned to prioritize now.

2. Re-direct the focus to your accomplishments.

Highlight any co-curricular activities you may have been involved in or projects that you spearheaded. While GPA can be important, demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and the ability to plan and execute ideas are equally, if not more important. So have a solid plan for demonstrating these capabilities.

3. Highlight all applicable skills.

Be very specific in explaining how your skill sets make you qualified for the position. In preparation for the interview, review the job description carefully and make notes of concrete examples of when you worked on a project that directly related to the experiences the employer wants you to have.

4. Be proactive!

If GPA is an issue, be candid about the challenges you may have had that led to a decline in your academic performance. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. If the job description placed a great deal of emphasis on the applicant’s level of academic proficiency in particular subjects areas, the interviewer will definitely ask you about your coursework.
Even if they don’t ask, your low GPA score could also be a determining factor when it comes down to making the final hiring decision. It’s always best to just get it out of the way as soon as the opportunity presents itself. This will give you an opportunity to tell your own story, as opposed to having the interviewer make assumptions based solely on your transcripts.
Lastly, remember to be yourself, be confident, and remember that no one is perfect. Don’t walk into an interview feeling defeated because you may not have a stellar GPA. Be proud of your other accomplishments and play to your strengths so that potential employers can see that you have so much more to offer than just your grades. Now go get ‘em!

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