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CV Writing Tips: Should You Include Part Time Jobs As Experience?

The CV is a selling point for what you can do or capable of doing to an employer. It could either put you in good light for consideration in a job or it could be the downfall you always dreaded. How your CV presents you to the employer will depend on the information you choose to include and how you include it.
In the various CV sections, an employer will always be most interested in the work experience sections. This is because employers want to hire individuals who have an idea of what they are doing without the need for extensive training, meaning you will need the experience.

So, Should you include part time jobs on your CV?

Florence Mukunya, a CV Writing Expert and Career Advisor at Corporate Staffing Services says
whether to include or not will be dependent on other factors.
“Including part time jobs on your CV will depend on various things, for example if you have sound experience related to the job and have added part time jobs, they can be included but only as an addition towards the end of the section,”says Florence.
She adds that candidates who have not been employed but have worked in various part time jobs should include them as part of experience, adding that this should be done with caution.
“If you are applying for an accounting job and have had part time jobs in a totally different field, then it might not be so helpful to the employer,” she says.

What to consider before including part time jobs

1. Does the job add value to the position you are applying for
You may have worked as a part time cashier and are looking to work in the banking sector or in Accounts. Including this part time job as part of your experience will be an added value to you, especially if you’ve not been permanently employed.
However, if you helped out as a life guard in a local swimming pool, this will not add value to your Accounting job, unless the job is in a hotel or in a place that requires your swimming skills.
2. Do you have sound experience
By sound experience, I mean you have been employed before but maybe for some reason you were out of your job and chose to take up part time opportunities. If you have this, then your focus should be more on the sound experience, mention the part time jobs towards the end of the section.
This will show that you still tried to stay relevant even after the job, which is a good thing.
3. You don’t have any relevant experience
If you’ve not been able to secure a job in your field of study since graduation, then including part time jobs you’ve been part of can come in handy in your job application. Why? Employers will want to see that you have been trying to learn new skills, even if they are not directly related to your field.
Including part time jobs in your CV may come in handy to increase your qualifications and skills, but having the wrong jobs listed as part of the experience may be your worst nightmare. To do this effectively, focus on the jobs that add value as opposed to the number of jobs you’ve been part of

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