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Calabar Teaching Hospital Shut Down For Fear Of Ebola

The accident and emergency ward of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital has been shut down following an Ebola Virus scare.
The scare was as a result of the death of a patient, who died at about 2pm, after symptoms related to the deadly EVD manifested before he gave up the ghost.
It was learnt that the patient, whose identity could not be ascertained, was brought in from Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State on Tuesday with high body temperature while at the same time was vomiting, stooling and bleeding from nose.
The source went further to disclose that the patient died shortly after samples were taken from him for investigation.
He said after the death, the accident and emergency ward was quarantined in order to curtail any suspicion.
He said, “A patient was brought in on Tuesday vomiting, stooling and bleeding from the nose and mouth. He had a high temperature. It was suspected that he had haemorrhagic fever but it has not been confirmed. He died around 2pm and his body has been quarantined while the ward was shut down.
But another source in the hospital, who did not also want to be mentioned, said the patient was suspected to have died of Haemorrhagic fever.
He, however, said the state Ebola Emergency team was invited at about 6pm to take the sample of the dead suspect for further investigation.
When contacted, the Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee, who also doubles as the Deputy Chief Medical Director of UCTH, Dr. Queenet Kalu, confirmed the scare, but said the patient was suspected to have died of Haemorrhagic fever.
She said, “Yes, we had a patient that was suspected to have died of Haemorrhagic fever but it does not call for panic as everything is under control. There is no need for the public to be scared of EVD as it is not confirmed.”

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