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5 Tips For Newly Admitted Engineering Students

He yo!, You just got admitted into the department of engineering , Congratulations into your School of choice ? Congratulations once more though that’s not where it ends. You have decided to Spend your Next 4/5 Years as the case may be in that place but you have got no clue what it’s really all about ? I guess this post is for you.

How to get that job
There are more to just getting admitted into the department as you have got more hurdles which are of extreme important. You have the likes of Texts, Courses/Fields, Internships/I.T,N.S.E and so
many others. Below are 5 top tips which would help find your way through.
  1. Get Procrastination Behind You: As an aspiring Engineer, you would get to find out that there’s actually no time in the real world. You come to situations where a lecturer gives 4 assignments which he expects to be submitted on the same day and getting into another class, another lecturer comes up with his own assignment on that same day the first lecturer ordered his to be passed on and the catenation continues. You would see that you’ve actually got no time as you think. This all boils down to fighting for a solid CGPA which is one criterion most scholarships and government bodies consider before calling a student for her exams. With all this, you have no other option than to have a plan, build up a plan and set a target, utilizing every minute that comes across your way. It must not really be academically related, but It should be something that should add to your success. Develop your time, Avoid Procrastination and Success is all yours.

  1. Choose Your Friends: “Show me your friend and I would know who you are”. This is actually through in this field. You can’t really associate with the lazy and ignorant type of students, and expect to be successful. That more of being impossible. Try associating with like minds, those with goals set to be achieved, and those that don’t mind breaking records. This should be the kind of peeps you should mingle with in school.

  1. Don’t Joke with Other Non-Engineering Courses: NO Knowledge is a waste they say but most times, Students in Engineering tend to ignore other important courses which are every important in our daily lives. They look it to be everything ends using a Pen, a Calculator and your Worksheet. This is very rampant in most tertiary institutions as students ignore the general Studies Courses also known as [ GS ] . This is one mistakes they tend to make forgetting that all courses in school are for a specific purpose and there are reasons why they are been taught. Obviously, these are courses which you must pass.

  1. Seek Additional Information For Growth: As an Engineer, You should try doing some extra research and information finding, as they would help you in achieving your set goals. Utilize the opportunities being ushered to you by the school management. Make use of the Library where possible and sources for Online Pdf materials where necessary and obviously, success is yours

  1. Lastly Get the Fun but don’t get Crazy: Yo! We have being admitted, we now here, we now own it . Sure you now here but always remember the more reason why you are there. You are not thereto catch fun I guess? Though there was never anything bad in having fun but Self Control should be a key word as to progress. Be able to know that, Yo! This time to study, I have got to got home and so many others.

Engineering would be fun if you could keep up to the tips above I bet.

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