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4 Types of Friends to Avoid in the University

While there are friends that can pull you down, there are others that can raise you up. These are 4 types of friends you should avoid in the university;
1. The Doubter
The doubting friend always wants proof that your dream is possible. They will believe in you as
long as they see it. This friend will buy in late in the game but in the early stages of chasing your dreams they will fuel your doubt. When you hang out with this friend you spend most of your time trying to convince them of the vision that you can see. This friend will describe themselves as a realist but you don’t have time to entertain this doubter.
2. The helper
This friend’s heart is right but there help is not helpful. They criticize everything, finding fault in the smallest detail . They are general with praise but specific and cutting with where they think you could have done better. In all actuality, this helper is trying to get your dream to be what they think it should be. This friend will always make you feel like your best is not good enough and increase your doubt. You don’t have time to defend against the helper.
3. The Fun Friend
This friend is always looking for a good time. The fun friend is a blast to be around but can get you into trouble if you aren’t careful. Life is a party to this friend and they don’t take anything seriously . This friend may be someone you cut out completely but more than likely they are just someone you need to limit your time with . If you hang around fun friend too much you will have no time to work towards your dream. “The best way to move forward, is to let go of the people holding you back.”
4. The Me Friend
This friend is so focused on themselves that the relationship is one sided. This friend has no give and take and you feel used after spending time with them. You may be an enamored attribute they have, that causes you to stay around but it’s just not worth it. In fact this friend is not a friend and should be cut out immediately. You don’t have any room to have a one sided relationship ever, but especially if you are chasing a dream. Some friends you will need to cut out completely, others you will just need to spend less time with. You must make room for better relationships . As your inner circle changes you will be amazed at how your dreams become easier and more joyful. This journey is too hard to have negative forces within your control pulling at you. There should be no guilt for cutting off relationships. Some friendships are meant for a lifetime but many are for a season of life. Set clear boundaries and stick to them and watch your dreams take off.

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